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I suffered from Scoliosis for 30 years!

My name is Shandra I'm 41 and was diagnosed with scoliosis 30 years ago. Over the years I've had ribs come out of place easily causing it to be difficult to move, take a deep breath and even do simple tasks as lift my arms. I was told I'd be a few inches taller as the curve in my spine was 36 degrees. I've suffered with constant back pain even up into my neck and shoulders, this is something I've just felt I had to "deal" with. After agreeing to be a subject for a Critz Technique class my parents were attending, I have no pain in my back for the first time ever in my adult life and for as long as I can remember. I'm a bit taller about a half inch or so, I was able to feel both sides of my back touching the seat of my car for the first time as well. I was given exercises and stretches to maintain my structure. The class participants were able to see the "transformation" change of my back as the right side protruded a bit. All of this took about forty five minutes.

Shandra Strickland 

Voted Best Massage Therapist in East Texas!
Thank you, Michael Critz for helping me be voted Best of East Texas, because I could never have achieved this honor without your guidance! I owe this award to your keen and watchful eye in making sure we follow your techniques. I thank you, too, for all those times when I've called upon your personal guidance in helping with special clients and you were always happy to assist with your time, patience, and expertise. More importantly, I thank you for always demonstrating to your students the importance of prayer before ever getting started.
Debbie Lynne Copeland, LMT

Zero Pain With The Critz Technique!
I am a United States Army helicopter pilot with twenty-four years of service. I have been involved in several helicopter mishaps and hard landings, which have required me to undergo six spinal surgeries. Three of those surgeries involved fusions with instrumentation. I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain as a result of my accidents and surgeries for eighteen years. I have been through countless physical and occupational therapy sessions, numerous steroid injections, and have taken virtually every legal pain medicine known without any lasting relief. I first experienced the Critz Technique when my wife was going through her massage therapy certification shortly after my most recent surgery, which was a spinal fusion from S1 – L3 with instrumentation. Her instructor used the Critz Technique on me to relieve some of my lower back pain and to increase my mobility. The effects were unbelievable. I was able to reduce my intake of pain medicine for several days, and had the first full night of sleep since my surgery. My wife completed the Critz Course after completing her massage therapy training and certification the following year. I was the subject that Michael Critz used during the course of instruction, and was truly amazed at the results. I was barely able to get onto the massage table at the beginning of the class, but was getting on and off without any problem by the end. My pain level was reduced to zero at the course's conclusion, and remained at a very low level for weeks afterwards. I have since had the technique used on me several time with the same results. This is an incredibly remarkable technique that causes no pain to the subject during or after the process. I have tried several other techniques, but have never had close to the success that I have with the Critz Technique. This is a pain-free method of reaching a state of zero pain. I cannot recommend any other technique more highly than the Critz Technique. I count myself truly fortunate to have experienced Michael's technique.
ERIC D. FREMMING CW5, AV Combat Aviation Brigade 4th Infantry

Keep It Simple!
In addition to his years of practical experience, Michael really knows his stuff! His protocols are very effective. He keeps it simple fun and personabl, so you can count on him to explain even the most complicated information in an easy to understand manner. He uses stories that illustrate the effectiveness of his techniques. What I enjoy most about his classes is his positive encouragement that the student can acheive the same results in their own practice (and we do!). Both he and his work are very inspiring!” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.
Stacey Lemire, LMT, LMTI, CE

I'm just having so much fun with this technique!
Hope all is well. I continue to love using the Critz Techniqueon my massage clients. My very favorite release is the RA. So easy to assess and so easy to release. I love seeing those gluts perk right back up to where they need to be. I continue to be amazed at how well Critz therapy relieves pain. One of my repeat clients is a physical therapist. She is quite impressed with her improvement. She used to have chronic low back pain. Also, the other day I performed Critz on an orthopedic doctor who took my contact info, to refer her patients because she was so impressed with just the small amount of Critz I performed. She wasn't interested in a full Critz session so I slipped in a few releases and she was blown away. Thank you so, so much for giving massage therapists a magical tool to relieve pain and correct muscle imbalances, contractions, shortness, etc. I'm just having so much fun with this technique, thanks to you Michael.
Susie Alverson, LMT

It is hard to believe that something so simple can be so effective, but it is!
I started the Critz Technique to get relief from a long history of back and hip problems. I have had scoliosis for many years and my pelvis would get torqued out of place. For years I felt uneven and uncomfortable. The Critz Technique gave me immediate relief; it was amazing! I do 4 simple exercises/stretches three times a day. It only takes 5 minutes. Before, I had to go to a chiropractor to get temporary relief. Now, if I feel out of place, I just do these simple exercises/stretches and my body feels aligned again with instant pain relief. It is hard to believe that something so simple can be so effective, but it is!
Barbara Booth, client of Paula Henry, LMT-Terrell, Texas

I couldn't believe the improvement!
I really want to thank you for all your help. I am doing so much better. I would say I'm about 95 percent back to normal. It all started right after you helped me that Sunday night a few weeks ago. I couldn't believe the improvement that I experienced the very next day (and since). I have been doing the exercises and have been able to stop going to the chiropractor. Thanks for the new exercises. The swayback "pushup" was very painful at first, but now it's much better after persisting for a few days. I can't thank you enough for I really believe that the Lord sent you and that your help has really brought me "out of the woods". God bless you!
Denny Allensworth

Stand up straight without the back brace!
I just wanted to share one of many Critz Technique™ stories I have been blessed with. Working in a medical clinic, I see lots of different injuries. This particular event was so amazing I just had to let you know about it. The chiropractor I work with asked me to do some Critz work on one of our patients. He came in wearing a back brace, leaning over to one side and taking small steps. After utilizing the Critz Technique™ on him, he was able to stand up straight without the back brace, and take normal steps to the chiropractors adjusting table. After the adjustment and the patient had left, the chiropractor came to me and said "I don't know what you did but it worked great. This made me very proud to be able to utilize your technique. The feeling I get is just unbelievable, can't thank you enough for teaching me your technique. Forever Great-full.
Lee Lener, LMT, CRT, CFT in Austin, Texas

Achieve pain relief without enduring pain first!
Most of my clients come for Critz Technique™. The word is out "Go see Kate and get out of pain." "Critizing" is easier on me and my clients. We achieve pain relief without enduring pain first. Save your hands, your clients' pain and money on sheets and lotion be a "Critzer."
Kate Dvorak, LMT, RDH, BS, MA in Brownwood, Texas

Spent years in physical therapy!
I can’t begin to tell you just how much I appreciate the way Critz Technique™ has changed things in my life and my clients lives. I work for a medical facility and your techniques that I use have really impressed people that work at the clinic. My boss is an ex pro football player. He had to quit playing football due to a lower back injury. He has spent years in physical therapy. About a month and a half ago I had told him about the Critz Technique™. He asked me to work on him and in about 35 minutes, his lower back was pain free. The chiropractor in our facility is also impressed. It really feels good to be a part of helping people to become pain free. Forever Great-full.
Lee Lener, LMT, CRT, CFT in Austin, Texas

Get relief from soft tissue pain!
I am a rehab massage therapist in a medical clinic in Bedford, TX and I have been utilizing Critz Technique™ in my practice with my patients for over 2 years. These techniques are extremely effective, time friendly as well as body friendly to the therapist– and they are pain free on the patients. These are the most effective techniques in helping people get relief from soft tissue pain that I have experienced in my career as a therapist.
Charles Lusk, LMT in Ft. Worth and Arlington, Texas

I love your new paradigm of teaching!
Thank you both very much for an unforgettable and inspiring training weekend. It was profound on every level - personally, professionally and spiritually. I admire the way you stay on track and on topic. More than that, I admire you both for the sterling people you are. Your integrity, honesty, generosity, and straightforwardness set a firm foundation for the course. It impressed me to see the global design of the course and how we were going to progress in a logical, linear manner, section at a time, then tying it all together. Laid back, informal classes with easy to follow guidelines, coupled with hands on experiences working in dyads, life just doesn't get any better than that! I love your new paradigm of teaching. Everyone left feeling that they had received and integrated assessment techniques and healing techniques of value that they could utilize in a practical way throughout their healing career. This was a superlative enriching educational experience. It was time well spent. This workshop will live on in my heart and hands and in the hearts of those who benefit from its dynamic release from pain.
Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI in Austin, Texas

Kind and understanding instructor.
The classes are great, I am so excited and looking forward to this coming weekend. I got home Sunday and was very tired, but still felt "in line", didn't realize until I walked past a mirror that my posture was very straight, straighter than it had been in a long time. God does know when and who to put in our paths when we need them and I thank God for our meeting. You are a beautiful couple, complimenting each other in all you do and it is so refreshing to meet couples that are dedicated to helping each other and giving the credit of all they do to God. You are such a kind and understanding instructor, you know what you are talking about and you get it across very well. Your patience is very much appreciated and I know it's hard when you are tired and ready to be at home with your family. I pray God will give you continued success as you remain kind and humble in His service, in teaching the "Critz Technique™" to the people that He puts in your path, that it might possibly change their lives and health forever.
Pinky Hamilton in Wichita Falls, Texas

Little or no discomfort to relieve chronic pain!
WOW! This is like magic! I have been a full time, registered massage therapist for over nine years and have never seen anything that works this quickly, with little or no discomfort to relieve chronic pain from injuries or repetitive stress syndrome. Doing "Body Balancing" using Critz Technique™ is the best thing since peanut butter and jelly!
Nathan Bales, LMT, Wilmington, NC

I highly recommend Michael.
It’s an awesome class, I highly recommend Michaels technique! Use it all the time.
Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, LMT, MTI, BFA in Austin, Texas

Extreme Makeover Home Edition!
I just wanted to let you know that I was the massage therapist on the set of Extreme Makeover Home Edition this month here in Hondo, TX. I believe the episode airs on April 9th. I was doing Critz on the set and people were telling me it was the best massage they had ever received. I had a couple of people that would come back two or three times a day. I did do the traditional deep tissue as well on those that kept coming back since I think they just wanted a more nurturing touch. But, when they first would come to me every day I was doing Critz especially if they said they were in pain. The camera came over a couple of times, and a few times I was asked to join the production and travel with them. I refused since I have a family, but it was sure a great boost of confidence.
Jill Scoggins West, LMT, Hondo, TX

With tears in his eyes he said, I have been this way from birth.
I have had much success with the Critz Technique, but this one really touched the heart. We have a patient at our clinic that came in for physical therapy for pain in his right hip. After his physical therapy treatment, the PT told me that the patient wore a two inch lift in his right shoe and all his muscle on his right side of his body were extremely tight. As he walked to my massage room, he was unable to walk heal-toe on his right foot. Even with the lift in his shoe, he still had a bad limp to his right. With only fifteen minutes to work with him, I went into action with the Critz Technique. As I worked on him, I explained what I was doing. After the session, I asked him to stand up with out his shoes on and walk around the room. With tears in his eyes he said, I have been this way from birth, why hasn't anybody done this with me before. I had him stand and look in the mirror. His shoulders were square with each other, not tilted to the right. He still had a little limp, but what an improvement in just fifteen minutes. I have seen him three times at the clinic so far. With the stretches I have showed him to do three times a day, he has made great progress. He no longer wears the lift in his shoe. After his sessions are finished at the clinic, he is coming to my practice, where we will have a lot more time to do the Critz Technique.
Lee Lener LMT,CFT, Austin TX

She really did not believe this uncomplicated technique!
This past weekend I worked a sporting event in Houston. I had only my chair with me. As I begin to work on people, it was obvious I needed my table to do Critz work. Finally, a lady was complaining so much with lower back pain, I ask her if she would object to lying down on the floor. She was desperate and did. According to her story, she had spent five years going to a chiropractor and using swedish/deep tissue massage on her lower back. She told me that five years of chiropractic treatments had not been able to get her L5, L4, L3 to release. I was honest with the lady. I really did not know if working off the floor would provide her any relief, but as stated earlier, she was willing to try anything. I stuck to the protocol and released the psoas, rectus abdominis and QL muscles, then assessed the sacrum and lumbars. They all appeared to be rotated left. Using the newer sacrum release, it proved successful. Then we went for the gold. I explained the process to her. I had her to lay in the fetal position, rotate her shoulder to the floor, and then I lifted her ankles and had her to gently push. She was amazed at how she all of a sudden became pain free, we proceeded with the session. Her first remark, "Look, I can get up off the floor!" Her second, and amazed comment, my back is not hurting!" You could tell she really did not believe this uncomplicated technique had accomplished what five years of therapy and hundreds of dollars could not accomplish. After that, I was never without a client - and they were all getting down on the floor. So, just to let you know, Michael, if you don't have a table, there is still at least limited success with the Critz Floor Technique! I'm back in business and it is Critz Technique I specialize with clients. Thank you so very much for taking me as a student in 2002. God Bless.
Martha-Gail, LMT